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About  Shawn McBride

Shawn McBride is an exceptional national youth motivational speaker who presents top-quality messages at public, private, and alternative schools. He has a proven track record, is highly qualified, and is recognized throughout the United States as a dynamic presenter & advocate to the next generation.  

​Shawn is high energy and has the unique ability to captivate young audiences with practical, high-content stories from his life and the lives of others.  He is keenly aware of the needs of today's young people and how to articulate information & principles in a way that they can learn & laugh.

Over the last two decades, Shawn has spoken to over 1/2 million young people.  His messages have been known to transform their attitudes and aspirations.  His teachings motivate students to excel in school & life by making better choices; he encourages students to pursue academic achievement and inspires students to believe they can accomplish their dreams.

For over two decades, Shawn has served hundreds of thousands of young people from 33 states & numerous cities across the United States from various school districts and ethnic groups.

After making many poor choices as a teenager and eventually being kicked out of high school in the 10th grade, Shawn began to turn his life around at the age of 17 as he was mentored by several men. He eventually obtained a GED diploma and went on to obtain both a Bachelor's degree & Master's degree in Psychology/Counseling. He is the self-published author of 16 books and is licensed and highly sought-after mental health therapist and relationship counselor in the state of Maryland. He is married for almost 30 years to his childhood, whom he met in middle school, and is the proud father of five remarkable children; Currently, he resides in the suburbs of Washington, DC









Contact Shawn

PO Box 20 Davidsonville, MD  21035

Tel: 301-806-0188

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