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7 Reasons
Students Love Shawn McBride

1. Shawn makes any youth event, including school assemblies fun, inspiring, and cool.

2. He gets to know them personally.
Shawn hangs out with everybody BEFORE and AFTER the event so that young people can talk to him and ask him any questions they want to ask.

3. Shawn reveals powerful strategies and proven techniques that help young people deal with issues that are important to THEM.

4. Young people appreciate his transparency and honesty.

5. He is an amazing storyteller. They are absolutely enthralled and entertained.

6. He stays in contact with them through social media sights such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  Shawn receives dozens of emails per week from young people and he personally responds to any young person that contacts him.

7. Shawn doesn't give speeches. Whether it is 5 young people or 5000 he has interactive, engaging conversations that challenge young people to think and perform on a different level.



“Shawn McBride recently spoke to approximately 100 young people ranging in ages from K5=8th grade in our after school program.  He completely captivated their attention for close to 45 min with his dynamic, high octane and relevant message.   He inspired, challenged and engaged the students in a way that was understandable to them.  His analogies and illustrations were on target!  We look forward to having him come back next school year!

Billy Trupe, Director of Kids In His Care Afterschool Program, Beltsville, MD


"Mr.  McBride was an outstanding commencment speaker for Smithfield High School, where I served as principal.  His message was powerful and motivating.  Students, parents and guests flooded my office the next day talking about the parts of his message that touched them most.  I look forward to working with Mr. McBride in the very near future.  I give him my highest recommendation."

Stenette Byrd III, Ed.D.-Principal @ King's Fork High School


"Shawn McBride has spoken on two occasions to a large group of young men and mentors through the Mentoring To Manhood organization. I can affirm unequivocally that Shawn McBride is by far the best youth speaker I have ever
heard. He has a unique way of communicating & connecting with young men to the point that they hang on his every word. You could not hear a pen drop in the room while he spoke except when he creatively used humor to engage the students. Shawn used practical illustrations, examples and object lessons from life that
made sense. It is clear that he is passionate about young people succeeding academically, financially, relationally, & socially. Many of the young men & mentors have specifically requested to bring Shawn McBride back to speak for
future events. I highly recommend and endorse Shawn McBride as a speaker. Your students will be inspired, motivated and challenged by this man.

Mr. Rob Howze-Program Director Mentoring 2 Manhood







"Shawn McBride has served as a motivational speaker for A+ Arts Academy, charter school, for the past four years.  He always provides our students with an atmosphere you would find at the last few seconds of a championship basketball or football game.  He has the ability to reach, inspire, encourage and make our students believe in themselves and know they have the ability to achieve and the right to dream what some might think is the "impossible dream".  Mr. McBride ignites, sparks and feeds the flame that lies dormant in many of our youth.
Carolyn Berkley, Superintendent A+ Arts Academy Columbus, OH​

"We had the treasured opportunity to have Shawn McBride speak at our annual youth event. He is a dynamic, enthusiastic and gifted orator who passionately and deliberately pours himself into delivering the truth... Shawn captivated our group with his humor, intellect and simplistically-forthright manner in which he outlined the issues that young people are facing today… I gladly and proudly endorse his fine work.”​
Captain David Worthy, The Salvation Army

"Shawn McBride was an incredible speaker and host at Ignite Festival for two consecutive years. His ability to connect with younger generations is absolutely awesome. Shawn’s messages are very dynamic, powerful, and impact everyone who hears them. As a host for the event he built relationships with hundreds of kids and maintained the audiences enthusiasm throughout the entire weekend. I highly recommend Shawn to others…that are looking for an electric personality…to take their event to the next level.”​
Brandon Hough, Founder The Ignite Youth Festival Meadville, PA

"The first time I heard Shawn McBride speak, he was a last minute replacement for Reggie Dabbs who is a very well known youth speaker. My youth group and I were slightly disappointed that the other speaker cancelled because we traveled quite a distance to hear him. Our dismay did not last long…My youth and I were so touched by his message and charisma that we immediately booked him for a youth conference in our area. Shawn McBride speaks straight into the hearts of today’s young people…what a blessing he is!”​
Matt & Meisha McDermitt, Youth Workers - Tri County Youth Network Cedar Heights, PA

“As the speaker for our annual “Big Event” held each May...Shawn McBride exceeded our highest expectations! The youth…were blessed by his sincerity, his humor and his genuine concern…Shawn McBride has an uncanny ability to reach young people where they are without being pretentious or patronizing. He is the real deal! We can’t wait to have him with us again!”​
Mrs. Georgette Hall-Peterson, Coordinator of The Big Event Eastern Pennsylvania

“Pastor Shawn, I'm not sure if you know my really impacted him. We have been having such a tough time with him especially in regards to rudeness/disrespect. I mean I was at the point that I was researching military schools. But last night when he got in the car he gave me a hug. An actual hug. A real hug. It brings tears to my eyes even now. Thank you so much. He just kept saying how "deep" your message was. He is really thinking.”​
Parent Testimony

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